Travel With Free Air Miles Paying Your Car Insurance

Many of us love to travel but that requires purchasing an often-expensive ticket with one of many airlines or becoming loyal to a select few will allow you to earn airline miles and fly for free! 

We've all seen the clever commercials and heard the witty jingles for car insurance
and while they may be slightly entertaining (I cringe when I say that) it's fair to
say that none of us are in a love-love relationship with our insurance provider. 

For the majority of my mandatory-pay-for-car-insurance life, I thought I was insured
with and by the caveman and gecko gods. I mean, not only was was I receiving a nice
Social Orgainization discount via my college fraternity, how could you not trust
that Cockney accent? 

I was paying around $150-$150 monthly for the basic level of insurance with a couple
of extras.  One day in the breakroom I preparing my greens and gout-filled steak
fillets from the night before and overheard some coworkers discussing their low
insurnace rates. I realized I had been overpaying compared to everyone else! Thus,
one had to butt in and inquire :) 

As soon as I had the information, I made the request to the referred agent and I was
set up with better coverage AND was paying $50+ less a month! Winnning....

Happy and living on Cloud 9 for a few months, I received an email from one of my
preferred carriers, United Airlines regarding switching my car insurance to receive
airline miles. If you know me at all, I love miles!! Especially when I don't have
to open a line of credit or buy something I don't need. 

Even though I was satisfied with my crazy-new low-rate, I had to see what California
Casualty could really do for me.  I had assumed I would be paying more when in reality,
I received yet again, BETTER coverage AND a lower rate of about $6 PLUS receiving 20,000 airline miles!! 

If you want to fly somewhere for the first time or already use United Airlines or any of
the Star Alliance brands I would first ensure you have a United Mileage Plus account set
up (how you receive miles) and then head over to California Casualty and see what is
possible for you! Travel with Grif is here to assist with any of your travel needs.

Here's to flying free,

Travel with Grif

*Miles offer for new California Casualty auto customers only (offer not valid for
current customers). One offer per household/customer only. Miles awarded to primary
member account 120 days after the effective/renewal date of your policy and will be
on the following schedule: 7,500 for new auto insurance policy, 5,000 for first policy
renewal, 5,000 for second policy renewal, and 2,500 for third policy renewal. Policy
term is 12 months. Not available in AK, HI, MA, MI, NY, NC, and WI.