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The Budgeteers

The Budgeteers is all about BIG TRAVEL documentaries full of adventure, and budget challenges on $1000. We are a group of fun friends, an international creative collective of 3 solo travelers: Paddy (UK) International primary school teacher Thys (Belgium) video producer and digital artist Lina (Colombia) dance & fitness instructor Our goal is to show you that you don’t need loads of money to have a great travel experience around the world. You can experience MORE with LESS $$.

Why you should travel with the Budgeteers: Travel focused in Asia (one of our favorite areas of the world) and mostly on motorbike. Group and budget travel. Backpackers.

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  1. Perhaps it s no surprise, then, that vlogging is becoming a big business. Though many vloggers make only $20 a day (barely more than $7,000 a year), the most successful are raking in as much as $7 million annually. One especially successful vlogger who often plays in the travel space, Casey Neistat, even built a spinoff app to help creators share their videos, then sold it to CNN last November for $25 million as part of the network s push to compete with YouTube. Travel creators are poised to steal the spotlight on these video platforms, just as they have on Instagram. By and large, their influence is being wielded on YouTube. According to a study that was run in part by Google (YouTube

    1. This is great insight, Meubelen!
      Some vloggers are intentionally using Youtube to monetize and establish a carrer while others happen to stumble into it; the opportunity is there to earn a stable income.
      On page 11, I showcased the Vagabros, and they began as phone-held-travel-vloggers growing to having their own broadcast television show on Hulu and Tastemade.
      The success of Yotube and it’s creators will bring competition (if they can survive) and this will lead to new and innovative platforms for creators of all types.

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